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The Juice Restaurant we specialize in all kinds of natural juices and cut across the state of Massachusetts fruits, also offers our customers a variety of American dishes.

We also offer home-delivered meals for any type of party or gathering, offering more than 30 different daily dishes. The experience we have gained during years of work and the excellence of our team has al

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The Juice Restaurant, specializes in alternative nutrition also offering products from organic farming and clean and organic production.

Organic food means not only nutritious and healthy foods, also seeks to maintain quality from the origin (organic production) to the final preparation is done taking into account:

Proper handling of the ingredients.
Techniques for h

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Welcome to The Juice Restaurant

The Juice Restaurant, is an organization in constant growth, made up of people with a clear commitment to provide our customers adopt a healthy and respectful life with the environment, where their need for conscious and rational consumption is oriented towards food and products from organic, ecological or biological agriculture and clean transformation processes.

We have focused our ability to update knowledge, dissemination, production and marketing of proprietary products and third party, who also advise, with the aim of expanding the portfolio of food and differentiated products produced within a philosophy of total respect lifetime.

“Our success is achieved thanks to the recognition of our work make our customers.”

Always look the restaurants have registered in Massachusetts Restaurant Association.

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Our Company

And the color in our meals? What does it have to do?

Colors … yellow, blue, red, primary and then green, orange, violet and others. Do you wonder what does all this mean? Clearly not a kind of basic painting, however, there is something in the color that attracts attention, attracting.

Have you ever wondered if the same effect as choosing the color of our clothes will exist when choosing our meals? Eating is so instinctive that it may never have asked or maybe if …

Now, the color is part of everyone’s life, including birth blind people have no notion of color in your mind, a physical phenomenon of perception of different shades of light; then, so being the colors in our food could influence our preference and choice for her, even in its content of certain nutrients or other components.

Let’s start with the outside, a study in the journal Food Quality and Preference, showed that the color of the plate influences the perception of what is served there, served on a white plate, for example, you can make the colors stand out more, which the product more striking, in that study participants they found a pudding strawberry sweet to be served on white plate, instead of black plate (Piqueras-Fiszman, B et al, 2012) more intense color and flavor.

Now, (Spence, 2015) states that there are many attributes of the visual experience playing an important role in the perception and behavioral response of individuals from meals and drinks. In fact the author explains that:

“Not only the color of the food or drink, but Also the color of the glassware, the packaging, the plateware, the cutlery, and even the color of the environment in Which We eat and drink, can all exert a (sometimes dramatic) effect on our perception of, and response to, a variety of food and beverage products ”

The answers found this and other researchers in their studies, may give rise to important questions, in ancient times, when man began to discover what products could feed or not, surely there was no current labeling famous nutrition is possible consult daily in supermarkets.

Fruit trees and were clearly free of numerical information and if full of visual information in the form of waves, color. If now there is evidence to suggest that even the color of the environment influences the perception of food that is presented in the table at a diner, you could start using that information as an indicator that food can choose better.
So fruits and vegetables rich in betacarotenoides (precursors of vitamin A) are of yellow color and intense orange and are characterized by their antioxidant capacity; red fruits and violets can have pigments called lycopene and 1 Not only the color of the food or drink, but also the color of the glass, packaging, plate, cutlery and even the color of the environment in which eating or baby, can exercise (sometimes dramatically) an effect on the perception and response to a wide variety of foods and drinks.

anthocyanins which are also recognized for their antioxidant capacity; certain green, chlorophyll-rich vegetables are sources of vitamin K, blue pigments are rare however exist in certain exotic fruits. Whole grains are darker, color coffee cream to their fiber content and brown rice; food products with less refinement have a more intense color, such as brown sugar, oils and darker colors.

However, industrial processing can also return to their products the color that belongs to them, here is the reason why today not only the senses are a good indicator of the composition of food, as perhaps if in antiquity .