To start the day! with a healthy and delicious with fresh, natural ingredients combined and balanced breakfast.
For these and other reasons, breakfast is the most important meal of the day:


Improving nutritional status:

That is, it helps improve the balance of energy and nutrients (calcium, iron, magnesium, B vitamins …) that the body needs during the day.


Increases physical performance:
Remember that the body needs energy to move and start the day.


It increases concentration and memory:
A balanced breakfast gives you glucose, brain food, so it improves memory, concentration and creativity.


He gives joy and good humor:
Breakfast increases glucose (which is low after overnight fasting), which causes the nervous system to function better, and this translates into joy and good humor.


It helps control weight:

Eating breakfast helps maintain weight within healthy limits greater extent than if this important meal of the day is omitted. When your child does not eat breakfast so hungry throughout the morning and it is easier not peck, which helps prevent excess weight gain.


It is a good habit:
If you get used to your children early to get up early enough to have a good breakfast time, and eat breakfast with them, you transmit good habits, and this is positive for the health and welfare of the whole family.




In BioPlaza we know perfectly, so we have four different options carefully prepared breakfast, made with organic ingredients that guarantee all the nutrients and energy that the body needs:


Classic Breakfast: French Potatoes, Waffles or slice of rye bread, hot drink, eggs cooked to order and serving of fruit.


Typical breakfast: Tamale, rice or corn bread slice of rye bread, farmer’s cheese, juice or chocolate.


Power breakfast: roasting type, yogurt goat or cow, serving of fruit, mozzarella cheese and hot drink Granola.


Vegetarian Breakfast: Egg tofu, rice or corn bread rye bread, natural juice or hot drink.