Our Menu

The Juice Restaurant, specializes in alternative nutrition also offering products from organic farming and clean and organic production.

Organic food means not only nutritious and healthy foods, also seeks to maintain quality from the origin (organic production) to the final preparation is done taking into account:

  • Proper handling of the ingredients.
  • Techniques for healthy energy use and non-toxic containers (glass and steel) cooking.
  • Attitude of concentration, presence and joy of those who develop the menus.
    Preparation of dishes with lots and appropriate color, texture, flavor and consistency combinations.
  • Using beneficial ingredients with all blood groups.
  • Use different containers for vegetarian menus.


For this reason, BioPlaza, provides its service restaurant, which is mindful of each of the above aspects. For all those who for one reason can not visit the restaurant, we also offer the option of ordering the daily menu home.